Three images from different angles demonstrating a person that has on a garment with fabric shoulder bumps on each side of their garment

How do I get rid of shoulder bumps?

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Let's chat about the infamous shoulder bumps. They are frustrating and, frankly, we have not met anyone who wants to step out with them. So we found 6 different ways, including ours, to solve this problem.
Why This Happens: Gravity pulling the delicate fabric against the ends of the hanger 
Clothing with fabric that is delicate, like knitwear, or fabric that is heavier is prone to hug itself against the end of a hanger over time with the help of gravity to create those shoulder bumps when you take them of the hanger.
Here are 6 ways to solve this problem:

1. Put water on the shoulder bump and rub the fabric then dry

  • This method involves taking damp water to place onto the shoulder bump then letting it dry for 10-15 minutes. This is a quick and easy way to remove the shoulder bump. However, we have seen on-and off-success with this depending on the fabric and this may be a pain to do every time.

2. Iron or steam the shoulder bump

  • This method involves ironing or steaming out the shoulder bump. Similarly, this is a quick fix that we have seen on-and-off success with this. 

3. Take your clothing to the dry cleaners

  • The last reactive method is to take the clothing item to the dry cleaners after it has developed the shoulder bumps. The process of dry cleaning usually is rigorous enough to take the garment back to its original state. (But do you really want to drive to the dry cleaners every time?? Not me.)



4. Fold your sweaters

  • This first preventative method takes most of the gravity element out of the equation. You'd need a dedicated space or drawer space for these folded clothing item to live. The pro here is that you won't need to worry about shoulder bumps but if you are a person that likes to SEE all of their clothes in their closet, this may not be the route for you.

5. Fold it in on a hanger in super special way

  • We found a lot of great resources online sharing this method of folding the clothing item ONTO the hanger. We've shared a link on how to do this in our source link below. The nice part of this method is that you don't have to worry about shoulder bumps because the clothing item is placed in a way that the hanger doesn't interact strongly with the shoulders of the clothing item. However, you may not like the look of this in your closet and you'd also have to remember how to put it on every time. If this is too much of a headache, this option may not be for you.

6. Use specialty hangers designed exactly for clothes like this

  • Last but not least, you can use specialty hangers like Hangio Hangers shown above. These customizable hangers are longer than traditional hanger and can bend exactly to the shape of your clothing item. This is great because the hangers work WITH the shoulders of the clothing item, not against them, mitigating any shoulder bumps. The only thing is you would need to form the hanger exactly to your liking when you put your clothing item into your closet. This option is also great if you like to see all your clothes in your closet. Learn more.


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