5 Fall Closet Organization Tips with special guest PWR WMN

5 Fall Closet Organization Tips with special guest PWR WMN

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Today, we bring to you a special collaboration with one of our favorite blazer brands, PWR WMN. PWR WMN is a women and latina-owned blazer brand that offers an amazing selection of blazers with pockets. Yep, we said pockets! For this blog, we teamed up with PWR WMN to share 5 fall organization tips as we approach chillier weather. This is just for you.


#1- Use intentional hangers to avoid bumps, collar stretching, and clothes slippage

Regular hangers can create shoulder bumps, collar stretching, and clothes slippage. When it comes to the garment we love and cherish, this can be frustrating as this creates a waste of time, money, and peace of mind. But no fear because Hangio Hangers are here! Our hanger alleviates these problems through its adaptable design that allows you to bend our hangers in more than six configurations! You can use it for anything in your closet- from a spaghetti strap top to a dress top to your favorite blazer (our favorite blazers are from PWR WMN). The adaptable nature of Hangio 

Hangers allows you to optimize the storage space in your closet. And of course, leaves you with a peace of mind!


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#2 - Use clear boxes to maintain the longevity of your prized sweaters 

Did you feel that? Yep, that is fall making its way to us! This means sweater weather is upon us! Sweaters are one of our favorite garments that, frankly, are harder to store. If you do not want to put them on hangers, there are more options. For these adorned garments we recommend Drop-Front Sweater Boxes. These useful boxes help your sweaters maintain their quality and enables them to not be bothered by dust. We love these boxes from The Home Edit (have you seen their new Netflix series- uh amazing!). You can also choose to use clear boxes that enable you to see and stack your sweaters.

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#3 - Hang your boots to keep them in tact

It is almost time to rock our fab boots and we are HERE for it! However, the challenge with boots is that they are not the easiest to store. A lot of times they will fall slumped to the side. This can make the boot lose its shape and resilience. To solve this achy problem and keep your boots organized, we love to use boot racks! Boot racks are made of sturdy wooden stilts that enable boots to keep their shape, be easy to view, and be easy to grab on the go. Whether you have a small heal or high knee boots, the boot rack has got you.

I want a boot rack!


#4 - Wash your blazers with cold water to keep them fresh and ready for your next (virtual) event

If you really and we mean really want to wash your blazers at home we recommend washing them in the gentlest cycle you have with cold water.  You can also hand wash them in, you guessed it, cold water with a little bit your softest detergent and then gently agitate the areas that need extra attention. To rinse, dip in and out of cold water until the soap is gone!


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#5 - Use a large towel to cut down on drying time on your blazer

Ok so when you first take your blazers out the water they will be dripping which makes the drying time eternal, also you don't want water weight pulling your blazers down! So to fix this, just take a large bath towel and put your blazer on top. Now roll up the towel like a yoga mat and squeeeeeze. Do that a few more times every time changing the spot on the towel to a dry one, and then hang to dry

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 And with that, we hope you enjoyed this blog post and learned something new. Until next time Flamingo Fam, just hang in there!



Image sources: The Container Store, PWR WMN

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