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Why We Don't Often Think About What Holds Our Clothes Up

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Hello Flamingo Fam! This week, I wanted to talk about the why behind many women do not think twice about what kind of hangers they use. We are all busy, we have other topics in mind, but we don't realize how sad some of our clothes that we wear and have paid for are not receiving the care they deserve. 

Earlier in the year, Ayo and I ran a series of focus groups before pilot launch and we listened in on a story from a young, careered woman who talked about one of her favorite sweaters getting ruined from shoulder bumps due to it living on a hanger that did not support it well.

As she was talking, I could really tell the devastation she had in her eyes and how her desire for something that wouldn't cause her sweater these issue kept intensifying. This can really mess with a woman's self consciousness whether we realize it or not! In that focus group interview, I began to realize that the root reason for why this happens in the first place is simply because of a singular hanger in your closet. 

It clicked. I realized why I loved my own career so much in that interview and that I was there to witness this woman's closet issues and at the end of the day, I know exactly what is going to help solve her problems- a Hangio Hanger of course. :) 

See you guys on here next week, and with that all being said, hang in there! 

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