Things to Do In Your Home During Quarantine

Things to Do In Your Home During Quarantine

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Hey Flamingo Fam! We are aware that everyone is staying home for awhile and are here to help keep yourself busy! The days can go by feeling so long and boring so we want to help make your days at home more productive! There is no harm in doing something that will better you during these times now that you may have a little more free time on your hands. Below are essentials that could be improved in which you use in your life almost every single day 

Organize Your Pantry 

Making life inside your pantry a little more interesting calls for reorganizing it completely! Challenge yourself to take everything out of your pantry and place it all back inside with a totally different format. Spices you don't even realize you may still have could be hiding somewhere in a corner as you read this! 

Rearrange Your Closet

We all need to love and appreciate the space we walk into every day of our lives to start the day- our closets. Think strategically about what types of clothes you love and cherish the most, and place them towards the front so you can simply see them more often! 

Clean Out Your Garage

If your garage isn't a place to store random things you do not want in your house, then congratulations, because I can assure you none of the others reading this can relate. Move boxes around, go through those boxes and decide what you do and don't want to keep stored out there. You never know, this may be more therapeutic than it sounds. 

Wash Your Car

Grab a hose, and rinse your car down in the sun! This is a great way to get some fresh air, and move your body around, especially if you've been sitting still all day with work or school. This activity also results with having a clean car so you cannot go wrong with this quarantine tip! 

Organize Your Makeup 

Ladies, we all have lots of makeup brushes that need washing or extra makeup that we always forget we have. Take everything out of your purse, drawers, or cubbies, and go to town! This can be fun because you never know what you may find! 

The team at Hangio hopes this helps with your days of staying home, and that these tips can be useful to your personal needs! Don't worry, we know and understand how boring the days are becoming. We are here to help you always, and give you any tips/feedback you need to live a happier lifestyle! 

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