The Hardest Clothes to Hang On A Hanger

The Hardest Clothes to Hang On A Hanger

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Hey Flamingo Fam! We will be discussing and reminiscing on some of the hardest types of clothing to hang! Yes, we all have those pieces of clothing that we pull out of the dryer DREADING to hang! It's not fun and we do NOT look forward to it, but we know we have to hang them somehow so we go ahead and do it really fast so we don't have to look at it longer than a couple of seconds! So lets get rolling! 

Off the Shoulder Tops 

These tops are a PAIN to get to stay on our hangers. Once it falls off, we then rummage for a different type of hanger, and if that doesn't work- we end up folding it. Then we start to feel sad that we are not able to hang our top that we love wearing! UGH! 

Spaghetti Straps

Ah, the ones who are the misunderstood out of the bunch. They refuse to hang on any hanger and do what they please. They don't look good hanging on a plastic hanger either so that doesn't get us anywhere. They do what they want and it's annoying. 

Silk Blouses

Now these tops just like to slide and fall off of the hanger any time that they can. It is no fun searching through your closet for a hanger that either has grips on it or another ugly plastic hanger. These are super interesting because they end up staying on the floor out of frustration.  


Last but not least, we have our beloved sweaters. These are the tops that give us those rude shoulder bumps that no one ever wants nor did not ask for. It feels like every hanger we try, these sweaters (especially knit, don't get me started on knit) just doesn't do the job that we want it to. 

Why are we addressing these problems, you ask? We bring these issues to your attention because we are pleased to say that we have just the solution for all of these problems, and that solution is nothing other than our Hangio Hangers! Hangio digs to the roots of your closet problems and takes them all away from you.

We cannot wait for launch date so you can get a little taste of this sweetness yourself! Stay tuned, Flamingo's. 


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