Best & Worst Fabrics to Wear in The Summer

Best & Worst Fabrics to Wear in The Summer

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What fabric is the best in the hotter months?

According to our research, linen!


    • #1 Linen  - Made from fibers of the flax plant, one of the strongest natural fibers. The fibers are large and have an open-weave pattern. It's breathable, lightweight, and durable. Moisture-wicking 
    • #2 Cotton - Made from the cotton plant fibers, It's breathable, soft, and lightweight. Not as breathable as linen. Is not moisture-wicking so absorbs and retains water
    • #3 Lightweight Cashmere - A type of wool sourced from goat, Breathable and moisture-wicking


    • #1 Polyester - A synthetic material made from polymer fibers commonly used in activewear, is not as breathable, can trap heat easier in contrast to natural fabrics like linen, prone to retain odors
    • #2 Rayon - A semi-synthetic material made from cellulose fiber from wood pulp, does not wick away moisture
    • #3 Nylon - A synthetic material, has moisture-wicking properties but has low breathability and tends to retain odors like polyester
    • #4 Leather - Made from cowhide, traps heat, low breathability and has a low moisture-wicking quality.


    What material qualities are important to keep in mind for your summer outfit picks?

    • High breathability - ability for air to flow through the fabric easily
    • Low heat retention - the fabric does not trap heat as easily
    • Moisture-wicking quality - the fabric absorbs perspiration and then will evaporate it quickly into vapor

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