Walnut Hangio Hangers

Walnut Hangio Hangers

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The world’s 1st premium bendable hanger that alleviates the issues of shoulder bumps, clothes slippage, and collar stretching has arrived. Assembled in the USA with a sharp attention to detail & quality. This product is PATENTED.


What’s in it for me?:

  • Your peace of mind by knowing your garments are being properly taken care of and maintained
  • A novel experience in your closet (We believe you will find bending your new hangers to be fun!)

Great value:

  • BENDABLE- 6+ configurations that accommodate to anything from a scarf to a sweater
  • DURABLE - Can hold up to a light denim jacket
  • VERSATILE- Take it on the go with you as you travel!
  • RESISTIVE TOUCH: Resistive hanger arm touch that promotes a non-slip nature
  • WOODEN BASE: Premium wooden base with a unique engraved flamingo emblem that gives a luxury feel to your closet
  • 360° SWIVEL HANGER HOOK: Turn it any way you would like to fit with your closet preferences
The great things you will receive:
  • 3 awesome Hangio hangers
  • Configuration Guide 
  • A special note!

Use Notes: 

  • Note intended for use by children
  • Not to be consumed or tampered with
  • Not recommended to steam clothes when the clothes item is on the hanger


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